Thursday, February 28, 2008

White Flower, What Flower?

Sometimes we leave some of our vegetables to set flowers and seeds. They also attract beneficial insects like this native bee. But do you know what vegetable bore these nice flowers?

Lettuce closeups

a plot of lollo rossa

red wave and curly green

not so common spotted romaine

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


We gave watermelon a try two months ago. My father kept reminding me that hibred watermelons we're not bred to be grown organically, but we still tried them (matigas ang ulo) :)
Here they are now. They're not uniform in size and a lot smaller than they're supposed to be, but the taste is amazing!!! They're super sweet!!! This is proof that organically grown fruits are better tasting than conventionally grown ones.

This is the biggest one we got from our first batch of melons.

3 Rules of DDF

At Daily DOSE Farm, we gave our organic duo (Gary and Arnold) three simple rules:

One: all plots should be watered regularly.
Two: all plots should "always" have either vegetable or green manure. (no vacant plots)
Three: we should have a regular weekly harvest of vegetables.
and these are the results after leaving them on their own for a month...

Spiral Plot - Revisited

The herbs at the spiral plot have grown. Starting from the left going around the plot are: lavender, dill, lots of fennel, another group of dill, stevia, parsley, another set of lavender, more stevias, a small group of rosemary and at the middle, a bunch of sage. after harvesting some of the herbs, we're planning to add some tarragon, marjoram, peppermint and more...

A closer look at some lavenders, flowering dills and fennels.