Friday, October 17, 2008

We have to have Aphids

At Daily DOSE Farm, we can't afford to loose aphids. That's why we plant legumes all the time because its their favorite. You might think we're crazy for wanting aphids in our farm. The real reason is because of this alligator looking insect below.
I don't know if you can see her. Click the image for a better view. (I don't crop images, sorry. And I hate editing too...) That's a ladybird larvae munching on a black aphid. She can eat around 5000 aphids throughout her lifetime.
That's the best shot I can take from my stock lens. Is there anyone out there who can lend me a macro lens... :D

Extreme Stevia Pruning

When your stevia starts to bear flowers, it's time to prune them.

The one in front is a newly pruned stevia. Almost all of the leaves were taken for processing.

The one behind it has started to bear new leaves. This is one hardy herb.

What looks dead after pruning starts to regain life after several days...

P. Rangers

Here are some shots of our free ranging pigs.
Piglet giving me his most intimidating face. Still looks cute though...

I wonder what he's telling his big brother... hmmmm...

Parting shot... :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008


During the Agri-Link expo at the World Trade Center Philippines, I brought with me one large sized stevia. Large enough to be a mother-plant. Everyone was surprised to see a woody stevia plant. Here are pictures of some herbs we planted directly into the soil.
3 month old Stevia

8 month old Rosemary

2 month old tarragon

Spoon and Fork

More than a year ago I gave you tips on how to choose the best tools for your garden or farm.

Remember the photo from that post? The spade fork you're seeing on the left is the one on the photo last Aug. 4, 2007. It still looks brand new despite being used and abused every single day. Now I bought him a partner. Let's see how long this stainless steel spade would last?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lettuce for Agri-Link

We've prepared ready to plant lettuce seedlings in trays for you.
These will be available for sale along with other herbs during the Agri-Link expo at the World Trade Center Philippines, Gil Puyat (Buendia) corner Macapagal Road, Pasay City. The exhibit will start tomorrow, Oct. 9 to Oct. 11, 2008.

We will also be selling different planting materials. Our booth is located at the Outside Exhibit area. Booth no. 3

Stinging Nettle (True and False)

For those who do their research on the web and read foreign books on organic gardening, I'm sure most of you have seen or read about this plant or weed. It's one of the best ingredients for composting.
The stinging nettle have a fearsome reputation for, guess what, stinging. They have stinging hairs that come off when it gets in contact with something, even other plants. The hairs becomes a needle that injects several chemicals that gives the victim a burning sensation.
Here are two nettles. Similar but not the same. One is a true stinging nettle and the other one is another kind of nettle. The one at the left is what we need to avoid.

The difference is the flower. I wouldn't dare to touch the one at the left.

A closer look.

In Tagalog, Stinging Nettle is called "Lipang-Aso"

Natural Enemies

This young mung bean is being attacked by hundreds of black aphids. But help in on the way.

On the left corner, with a combined weight of about 50 mg. (one aphid weighs around 0.5 mg)

"The Black Aphids Gang!!!"

On the right corner, weighing only 5 mg. The Champion and favorite of gardeners worldwide...

"The Ladybird"

(this one is an Asian Orange Ladybird)


Green Manure Review

It's been more than a year ago when we posted procedures on how to prepare your elevated beds for green-manuring. Here are some shots of mung beans grown as green manure.

Three days after planting.

One week.

Three weeks.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy 50th day!

Pablo (the typhoon) visited during their 50th day so they have to stay indoors. Great time to check their average weight.

Most of them weigh around 1.7 kg. Some 1.5 and the lightest is 1.2 kg. This one comfortably sits while being weighed.

Old habits are hard to break. This one still love to read his own weight.

Chicks will be Chicks

Even though they're 50 days old and weigh 1.7 kg, they still have their chick feathers (I don't know what those feathers are called, i just call them chick feathers).

And they love playing with my pocket zipper. Some want to have a chicky-back-ride...

Not just chickens...

We also have some free-ranged pigs... :)

YUM!!! 3X

No need for words...

Makes my mouth water just by looking at it... :)

Herbs in Bloom

The tarragon is now 4 feet tall and started to flower.

The flowers are edible.

If you or a relative has high blood pressure, then we suggest you plant this herb. It's called "cat's whiskers" locally called (guess what) "balbas pusa" because its flowers look like cat's whiskers. This herb grows abundantly in rural areas but they call it taheebo - it is not. Taheebo is a tree and the part used for tea is its bark. Unlike cat's whiskers where we use the leaves for making tea or even salad.

A closer look at the flowers, no doubt, they really look like cat's whiskers.