Friday, October 17, 2008

We have to have Aphids

At Daily DOSE Farm, we can't afford to loose aphids. That's why we plant legumes all the time because its their favorite. You might think we're crazy for wanting aphids in our farm. The real reason is because of this alligator looking insect below.
I don't know if you can see her. Click the image for a better view. (I don't crop images, sorry. And I hate editing too...) That's a ladybird larvae munching on a black aphid. She can eat around 5000 aphids throughout her lifetime.
That's the best shot I can take from my stock lens. Is there anyone out there who can lend me a macro lens... :D


Gilbert said...

I already planted legumes for my goat feeds. I would like to gain knowledge about your experience regarding beneficial organisms in your organic farm. Currently I'm adopting apiculture(bees) to help the pollination process in my farm.

Glbert D. Detera

Paolo Vasquez said...

hi guys, am a first time commenter on the blog, which i check frequently! am a big fan of what you guys are doing!

there's something i don't understand about this particular post. you plant legumes to attract aphids so that the alligator looking insect can keep killing them?

i'm probably missing something. because to me it sounds like you are putting all kinds of garbage on your floor in order to attract mice in your house because you want to make sure your mouse traps are put to good use.

Raymond & Mariel......................................... said...

Hello Paolo,

We have several reasons why we’re doing this:

One, we're encouraging ladybugs (ladybirds) to breed. Their (almost) exclusive diet is aphid. With out aphids they will not breed.

Two, aphids are everywhere, so instead of feeding from our herbs we give them a cheaper habitat. Let’s just say we put them in quarantine.

Three, adult ladybirds are attracted to the herbs around them. So sometimes they fly to check if the herbs are healthy and without aphids. actually its only the later. :)

I hope this cleared out some things.

I’m really glad you asked this question… :)


Raymond & Mariel......................................... said...

hi Gilbert,

When i was younger, we had an apiary in quezon, but unfortunately foul brood infested our farm and eliminated all our colonies. we're planning to start again, maybe on the next honey flow.

if you have questions on beneficial microorganisms, just post them here or anywhere in this blog and i will try to answer them...

Raymond & Mariel......................................... said...

Oh! one more thing, we give out some ladybird larvae to friends with aphid infestation. I think this shoud have been number one on the list on why we encourage ladybird population. :)

Pao said...

thank you, yes. that cleared things up quite a bit! looking forward to your future entries. am particularly keen on your chicken and pig farming, so please keep those updates up as well! thanks.

bernard said...

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Anonymous said...

how 'bout an update, guys? how's the farm doing? :-)

rob said...

I'm wishing for a macro lens myself so I definitely feel your pain. Great shot though! You caught her just right!

Jerome O said...

Good day! How can I avail of ladybird larvae to fight aphid infestation of my Indigofera & MDA plants? "...we give out some ladybird larvae to friends with aphid infestation."