Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Latest Addition to Our Brewer Family

Our biggest Vortex Brewer Yet...

Vermi Tea Brewing Instructions

Its been a long time since our last posting. 2011 was a busy year for us, traveling all around the country giving free seminars on organic farming. This is for those who bought our VermiTea Brewer.

Fill your bucket or drum with non-chlorinated water

Place the brewer inside the container making sure the hook of the brewer is secured on the rim of the container

Connect the air hose of the brewer to the compressor

Place the compressor on a table higher than the water level of the container then plug it in an electric outlet

When the water starts to bubble, add your vermicast inside the brewer (chamber)

Add your molases

Recommended ratio is 2kg of VermiCast and 1kg of Molasses for every 120 liters of water.

Brewer for 18 to 24 hours

Application can be 1 part VermiTea plus 10 parts non-chlorinated water for garden/farm maintenance

For first time users, we suggest using a stronger dose of 1 part VermiTea to 5 parts non-chlorinated water

For sick plants or very poor soil, you can use pure VermiTea all over the soil and/or the plant/s

Frequency of use will depend on the health of your soil/plants

VermiTea can be used as often as 3 times a week or as seldom as once a month

It is very important to clean your brewer to avoid contamination of unwanted microorganisms in your VermiTea

Simply take off the top and bottom cover of the brewer and spray with running water

Take off the screen clamp and wash the screen

You may use a soft foam sponge or cloth to clean left over biofilms

DO NOT USE steel wool or other hard cleaning materials as this would leave rough surfaces on the brewer which can become colonies for microorganisms and leave biofilms which are hard to clean

Just reverse the disassembly procedure and your brewer is ready-to-use again