Friday, July 20, 2007

Hoe hoe hoe!

Weed – any plant that grew out of place. Right now all plants that are growing in the farm are considered weeds. Sad to say, we have to get rid of them. But none of these plants will go to waste. Most, if not all of them, will become compost. We have an average sized pond beside the future site of Daily DOSE Farm. Since it’s a dried up pond, we decided to turn it into a big compost bin. It has more than enough space to fit all of the leaves and trunks of the plants we’re going to gather. Weeds that are growing outside of the area were spared since it will serve as the buffer zone for our farm. Initially the area intended Daily DOSE Farm is around 1000 square meters, no need to hoe beyond that range.

It is important to have a plan before starting any venture. So please, DO NOT remove any weed in your farm or property if you have no plan on developing the site yet. Doing so will destroy the soil food web. Weeds will probably grow back anyway if you do nothing. Better plant a nitrogen fixing plant or cover crops to preserve and develop the soil and at the same time suppressing weed population.

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