Friday, September 26, 2008

I hate it when…

Whenever I’m in an exhibit or at our store, I encounter different people interested in organic farming. People from all walks of life, from kids who ask the most difficult questions, to government officials who spend other people’s money for their farm, and mostly, retired executives who want to spend the remaining years of their lives planting fruit trees (which they should have done years ago). Anyway, whenever I meet someone who I think is really interested in organic farming I usually give them pointers and tips on how to start their organic farm. I often teach them more than what they need to know (for free). What really upsets me is when people show a lot of interest then just disregards the information you just shared with them. Here are some actual scenarios:

Encounter no. 1:

There was this couple who overheard me talking to someone about the health benefits of organic food. The guy suddenly joins us in our conversation and shared some stuff regarding health. He was good, he really knows what he’s talking about. Then several minutes later while we were at the peak of our discussion his wife butts in holding a folder. She started showing different graphs from health statistics to killer diseases. Then at the end of her presentation comes the bottled “fountain of youth”. Now they are talking about how I can get rich by selling this product. I have to give them credit for their persistence.

Encounter no. 2:

For those who know me and those who read our profile, you know the reason why we went into organic farming. It’s more of being friends with the environment and caring for Mother Nature. It makes me happy whenever I meet other people who share the same passion. It makes me happier when they are of our age or younger. Anyway, what irritates me is when someone you just talked about organic farming and its health benefits thanks you for the talk turns around to leave and lights up a cigarette. I really feel cheated when this happens.

Encounter no. 3 (this happened just a few hours ago):

I was at the AANI store at Quezon Memorial circle when this familiar guy, in his early 60’s, approached me asking about papaya. I’m really sure I’ve met him before. Then he reminded me that he was the one who asked how to plant papaya several weeks ago. The first time we've met, he was the kind of guy who was really interested to learn. He invited me to sit down and discuss with him the whole process of planting papaya. I taught him almost all he needs to learn. He even asked me to write the procedure for him. From digging the hole, applying compost, up to post harvest procedures. I wrote it all in detail. He thanked me after that and even told me that he was going to buy everything he needs from our store. I told him what’s important is that he practice organic farming. Now he’s back and guess what, he wants me to write the whole procedure for him again because he lost the first one. He asked as if I owe him something. Instead of giving him what he wants, I taught him some principles in organic farming. We talked mainly of crop rotation and its importance. At the end of our discussion he told me “matrabaho pala mag-organic” and “I don’t have time for organic farming…” Well, he should have realized that when he lost the guide I wrote for him.

Other people that annoys me:

People who use chemical fertilizers and call their vegetables organic.

People who buy their vegetables from “bagsakan” markets and sells them in flea markets labeled organic. Go to hell you guys!!!

People who knows very little and acts as if they know it all. These are usually people who use the word “organic” as if it was an expression. “Organic yan sir/ma’am!”

People who think that if you use chicken manure, your plants are automatically organic. I got two words for you… …anti biotic! :)

Thanks for reading this unusually long post of mine. Let me tell you what I usually tell my students, “organic” is not just a word, not just a practice, but a way of life…


alex yu said...


easy... you are doing a great job. =) don't let those few annoying intances get the better of you sir. =)

i hope you have a nice weekend.=)


RmR said...

i really love this blog site!
no wonder i put it in my "favorites"!

Raymond & Mariel......................................... said...

Thanx guys. I'll do my best to encourage more gardeners and farmers to go into an organic lifestyle... :)

Anonymous said...

What if po yung chicken dung was made to decompose fully with aother wastes. Would it still not be considered an organic fertilizer?


Raymond & Mariel......................................... said...


In the Philippines its considered organic, but in other countries where strict standards are followed, it is not.

Anonymous said...

Can i say "I love you both" for your very good intention for our Mother Earth? love your post! I've read those encounters of yours with different emotions...hope you'll encounter more positive people with the same objective like yours.