Friday, April 3, 2009

Edible Flower

There are a lot of edible flowers, even roses are edible, but don't try to eat the ones that came from flower shops because they are bombarded with lots of chemicals to keep them fresh.

Before we show you our featured flower, let us show you the fruits and try to guess what kind of flower we're talking about.

Some of you might say these are pole beans or "sitao"
Guess again...

Here's another clue, take a good look at their seeds...

Give up?

Ok let us now show you the flower...

This is the KATURAY

We're no culinary experts so we can not share recipe ideas for this flower. What we know about this plant is that they are very easy to germinate.

They grow from seeds and bear flowers in less than 2 months.
This is a nice addition to your garden if you have a couple of square meter to spare.

Here's a 2 month old seedling

They also make a nice hanging decor... :)


solraya said...

Grabe ang sarap ng katuray flowers. I make that ensalada. Blanched, then make into a salad of whatever catches your fancy.

gelle319 said...

i have tasted one recipe of the Ilokanos when i visited my relatives in Tarlac. Masarap sya..pero white ata flowers ginamit nila non sa pagluluto eh.