Monday, March 24, 2008

Herb Help!

We planted these herbs without any idea on what to do with them... :D







Valerie Cruz said...

hi Raymond and Mariel!

Valerie Cruz here, from DasmariƱas, Cavite.

I was able to hear Raymond speak this afternoon at the seminar I attended on herbal plants. Kudos on such a great talk! It was fun and informative at the same time.

Oh, by the way, I was able to buy seedlings of basil and gotu kola, hoping to propagate it. And I'm looking forward to using basil in my homemade pesto.

Your blog rocks! I'll be checking it every now and then to get some gardening tips. :) Keep it up!

Willibeth Asis said...


Me too also heard Raymond's talk. I also bought lavender, basil and gotu kola from the same seminar that valerie had attended.

Since this is my first time to deal with plants, just want to asked some tips or advise on proper caring of the said herbs, such as do they need shade most of the time?, how often do i need to water them?.

Thank you very much and God Bless you, your family as well as your growing business...

chelsea ambray said...

Hi Raymond!

I was able to attend the seminar at De La Salle- Health Sciences Institute regarding herbal medicines. I was the one who asked you about "milly bug" hehehe remember the "boraks & confectioner sugar?"

I have many herbs in my garden & I want to propagate it as well. Thank you for your very informative talk regarding herbs. Someday you'll see me attending in your seminars and buying plants from your farm.

Thank you & God bless you always!

Chelsea Ambray

Raymond & Mariel......................................... said...

Hello there!!! sorry for this late reply. Walang internet sa bukid eh... at wala din akong PC doon... :( maraming maraming salamat for visiting our blog. I will try to add more informative articles soon...

Buhay pa ba ang mga basil at gotu kola nyo? :)

I hope to give you guys a longer lecture next time...

see you soon...

Anonymous said...

hello sir and ma'am!i would like to attend your talks and seminars on organic farming especially herb planting! i hope you could inform us when they will be!thank you

here is my email ad just in case you have coming seminars.

Brian Mendoza

DIT said...

..been a long time since I have visited your site, congratulations! You are growing strong!! Still I hope to be able to visit your farm someday. what to do with these herbs! Your post was 2 years ago, I am sure you have found some answer, or perhaps geared your attention to stevia and others...anyway, have ever thought to sell parsley in the aani market?Italian cuisine requires parsley in almost every dish, it is also good for fish dishes (steamed fish for example) chopped and added at the last moment, or made into green sauce (chopped with garlic, plus olive oil, salt & pepper) to dampen fish /seafood dish. Dried parsley tastes nothing so I do not recommend this. With fennel, yummy fennel, that "bulb" is eaten fresh as salad, or cut into strips (like carrots or celery) dipped into a mixture of olive oil, vinegar, salt and pepper; or any other sauce you prefer; or you can simply cook it in butter; or you can even make it as pasta sauce. Sage, can be dried, good with a lot of recipes. With lavander, you may collect the flowers and dry them (they say its anti-pulgas, I like the smell) bees like them too...with dill, I never really used it except as using the leaves to decorate a dish ( I think others use the seed for game meat?)... I hope I was able to share something usefull...huli man ay magaling...

Raymond and Mariel......................................... said...

Hello DIT,

thanks for all the info. i really wish you could visit the farm someday. right now i only have stevia and rosemary at our farm but some of my friends are requesting that i plant more culinary herbs again. maybe in the next few days you will see new posts about the herbs i'm planning to propagate. :)