Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nutrient-dense Tomatoes

Have you heard about nutrient-dense vegetables and fruits? It is said that plants with high Brix reading are more resistant to pests and diseases, have higher nutritional value and tastes way better than ordinary crops. I happen to have a refractometer, an instrument that measures %Brix. I tested a regular tomato from the grocery for %Brix, it has a reading of almost 2. I heard that there are some varieties of cherry tomatoes that has a Brix reading of 12. I wonder, how about our tomatoes? Hmmm... Let's see...
These are the tomatoes from our farm. They are healthy, disease free and looks really yummy. Can you guess the Brix reading for these tomatoes?

They have an average Brix reading of 8. Not bad, considering we haven't done anything to increase its Brix reading.

If you're wondering what's behind those tomatoes, it's a large latexfree jackfruit. The black thing in the foreground is the refractometer.


GPS said...

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GOwin said...

Hi Raymond.

Did you acquire your refractometer locally? How much?

Raymond & Mariel......................................... said...

Gowin, long time no see.
I got the refractometer from my brother, he used it to check the sweetness of his fruits. He bought it a long time ago, maybe more than 5 years, from a friend who got it abroad. I think it cost him more than 10,000 pesos. Last time I checked, refractometers cost less than 5,000 pesos in Singapore.

GOwin said...


Oo nga, busy eh. Di na nga ako nakakapost at nakakabasa sa pcardd bb eh.

Thanks for the info.