Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Baboy - Big Brother's

These are my brother's pot bellied and native pigs. They are free ranged and fed mainly of grass and over-riped fruits.

This one is running with a big chunk of papaya in its mouth.

This piglet is saying something... I think it has something to do with kissing...


yan0_yan said...

bad piggy, i hope they don't destroy your crops..

I suggest that u put 'em in a cage with beddings (1part soil:1 part saw dust:1 carbonized rice hull or whatever material is available). No more cleaning is necessary, just spinkle the beddings w/ effective microorganism (daily in the 1st 2 weeks, weekly on the next 4 weeks, then twice a month on the rest of the growing cycle). It eliminates smell nuisance and hastens composting of the beddings. The bedding must be ready for brewing ur compost tea after the four-month pig fattenning cycle..This is ideal if u have plans of producing organic pork and vegetable for an identified market so u can have a sort of production schedule..

..sure u got my point!

Raymond & Mariel......................................... said...

Sir, as i mentioned in the title, this is my brother's farm. he has no vegetables... he has an orchard. and also, the pigs are caged in 1000 sqm. area.